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On this site, we are fans of pretty much all industrial vehicles. Big or small, specific or general purpose, these machines are tributes to the ingenuity of man and the power of the machine. We have different sections on different types of machines, and in this one you will find articles on the various types of farm machines out there.

Farm vehicles were the first industrial machines I ever came into contact with. My cousins lived on a family farm, and it seemed as though every time we went up north to visit, we would get to see a new type of industrial vehicle in action, harvesting, planting, or maintaining. The combine was among the favourites; performing a number of different tasks depending on the time of year it seemed like the ultimate innovation. If you live in a home you may have never come across these great machines. Or, if you're reading this from some real estate office, you may have seen all of the varieties of vehicles on a farm but couldn't say what they're all for.

Farm vehicles are certainly among the most important of the industrial vehicles for people all over the world. Even those living in cities are affected by the things that they do. Did you know that back at the turn of the 20th century, analysts formulated a theory that stated just how many people the earth, and those who worked it, could support in terms of food? We passed that population level quite a few years ago, but it seems as though we are still capable of producing enough food for everyone (although the distribution of that productivity certainly leaves something to be desired).

This ability to feed the human population of the earth came about due to the use of industrial vehicles on the farm. These vehicles were a huge part of what has since been termed the Agricultural Revolution. They allowed those who grow the food we need as a society to perform the various tasks on a much larger scale, and a lot faster to boot. These machines are why there never seems to be a shortage of produce for those living somewhere like a busy metropolis. It also explains why those living in regions without these machines cannot produce nearly as much. Even if they could grow it, harvesting it all would be impossible.

So, that is a part of the reason why industrial vehicles we see on the farm are worth some special attention. Another is the sheer diversity involved when one talks about farm vehicles. If you really think about farming, there are dozens of different categories that apply, and for every different farm there are different machines to help out. Cattle ranches, chicken farms, pig farms, the rice paddies in eastern countries, wheat farms, timber farms, the list goes on, and each type needs its own specific industrial vehicles. If you look at a construction site building in Omaha and one building homes in Vancouver, you'll likely see the same machines in both locations.

We also tend to warm to farm vehicles due to their sheer hardiness. You won't find many sissy industrial vehicles out there, but farm vehicles usually fall into the category of the toughest of the tough. You will find a lot of farmers who are still using the first tractor they ever bought, and rely on it now as much as when it was brand new (and speaking of tractors, are there any better examples of multi-use industrial vehicles?).


We think that young and old, fans of industrial vehicles will find the articles on farm vehicles fascinating for the same reasons that we do. It's an eclectic and incredibly important family of machines, and the impact they have had, as far as the ability of the human population to survive, cannot be overstated.

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