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There are many, many different types of industrial vehicles, but not many of them are available to be rented or even ridden in by average citizens like you and me. However, if you're moving across the country to a new unit of condominiums, you may have the opportunity to ride in or even drive a real industrial vehicle: a moving truck. If you want to rent a moving truck, hire a moving truck, or just learn more about moving trucks, this article should help you. Now let's move on to what moving trucks are for.

Moving trucks are for moving, of course! The purpose of a moving truck is to safety transport people's belongings from one location to another location. The best time to see moving trucks is in the spring, because more people go looking for a new house for sale in the spring than during any other season. You'll see them parked on the road outside houses loading or unloading furniture and boxes, or speeding down the highway laden with goods, bound for another city.

Moving trucks from professional companies like North American Van Lines are big 18 wheelers. They're designed for moving things long distances, like if you found some real estate for sale in Mississauga that you liked and you lived in Yellowknife, but sometimes people use these big trucks to move just around the corner because they want to take all their things in one load. Moving trucks mostly have the same features as commercial transfer trucks - like roll down ramps in the back of the container - but they also come stocked with lots of squashy quits to keep furniture and fragile items from getting wrecked on the way.

Most moving trucks, however, are smaller types of trucks called box trucks. They're usually about 4 to 7 meters long and have only four wheels. Their load capacity is much lower than their 18-wheeled counterparts, but they're easier to park and maneuver. This makes them ideal if you're moving within the same city.

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Moving Truck in Toronto

If you want to hire a moving truck, you can call a moving company. They'll ask how much stuff there is to move from the condominiums so they can determine what size of truck to send. Then the truck will show up when you want it with some guys to help you carry your things. Or you can call up a moving truck rental company like Ryder or U-Haul and rent your own truck. Then you can drive it yourself. But keep in mind that trucks are much more difficult to handle than small cars and for some truck types you need a special type of driver's license.

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