Tower Cranes

Of all the different types of industrial machines, none stands out (literally) quite like the crane. Cranes can be seen from miles away, and are often one of the first indicators that a certain project is nearing the completion stage.

The sheer size of those cranes working on condos can lead one to believe that they are complex pieces of machinery. However, this is not exactly the case. Cranes actually work on fairly simple principles. The part that is most visible is just the framework of the crane. Running along the inside is simply a wire that is connected to a drum at the base of the crane, and often a hook at the other end (when you get closer, you can see the crane). The base of the crane is usually where the machine is operated from.

Not only are cranes simplistic in design, their purposes are generally straightforward as well. They are used to lift heavy loads up onto high places, whether those places are the tops of buildings or condominium, cranes are often employed in lifting cargo onto ships in the different industrial ports of the city.

Tower cranes have a number of different applications within our society, as noted above. Stationary cranes will be most frequently used in industrial applications, as movable freight can be lifted from one transportation mode to another with a crane in a set position. Thus, a piece of real estate that has been zoned for industry is likely to include a crane or two on the premises.

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The most familiar role of a crane in terms of its visibility for us is within construction. In the construction industry, cranes are solely used for moving materials from one spot to another. Tower cranes specifically are used to lift materials from one level to another on assorted high rise projects; the materials may include beams, wood, and even windows.

As you might have guessed, safety is a big concern when a tower crane is in use. The materials being moved must be secured tightly using ratchet straps or other reliable methods guaranteed to bind the load as tightly as possible. The height of many projects on which a tower crane is employed also means that weather can be a factor when moving materials from one level to another; wind is a major hazard when one is trying to transport a load.

Tower cranes are an important industrial vehicle in the construction industry today, as the focus tends to be on building up instead of out. They are used to erect everything from bank towers to sports venues. Most major cities have tower cranes working on projects all over, so it is more than likely that you will come across one of these machines in your travels.

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