Where Do We Find Them

A lot of us are impressed with the sheer power of big industrial vehicles. These vehicles have many purposes in our society, from delivering drop through valves to erecting the condos in which we live. However, big industrial vehicles are certainly not the only helpful drivable machines out there. In fact, there are many more small industrial vehicles at work every day than there are big vehicles. In fact to construct homes you will notice both small and large industrial vehicles are a necessary component.

These little vehicles are more common than their larger counterparts for several reasons. They are generally less expensive to purchase, maintain, and operate. They also tend to be used for smaller projects as they fit better into work sites and can still get a significant amount of work done. You may even see them in the backyard of average home digging out pools. However you may also notice them doing deliveries or transporting the elderly to and from appointments.

In fact, you can find little industrial vehicles in all the same places large ones are found, and more besides. Let's take a look at a couple locations where you will be sure to spot small industrial vehicles.

At sports complexes. From the hockey rink to the batting cages, the little guys are hard at work making sure our sports facilities work properly. Zambonis clean the ice surfaces, golf carts transport players from one place to another, and adapted lightweight vehicles pick up balls at the driving range.

On the farm. Smaller farms generally do not have the need for the huge vehicles required by big spreads. Smaller versions of tractors are common, while ATVs are increasingly used in place of horses for getting around.

On the construction site. Bulldozers and backhoes may be great for clearing sites, but just try to use them when the buildings start to go up. Bobcats are much more common at this stage; they can lift, push, and carry with the best of them but don't need nearly the space!

In factories. How would anyone transport manufactured goods from production to shipping without the use of forklifts? They fit well in work spaces and don't require a lot of skill to drive, and they get the job done. You'll see these brilliant machines helping to move products in Ontario and lead products overseas.

In your garage? If you have a big yard, you may have found a purpose for a little industrial vehicle in the form of a ride'em lawn mower. These little guys are very useful, and fun to boot!

The catering industry is another that makes use of industrial vehicles. Many businesses use these vehicles to transport the food for large groups from one venue to another.

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